Meet Rose

If you’ve been around Beautiful Day these last few years, you’ve probably met Rose or read about her on a previous card. Rose was 5 when her family fled to Tanzania. Her education ended at 5th grade when her school was closed as part of a campaign to get refugees to return to Burundi. She was married at 17, arrived in Rhode Island in 2015, completed our kitchen training program in 2018, and then went through our market training.

Rose was deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When schools went remote, she had to leave a job to care for her 5 young kids. Since then Rose has become a vital part of our operations. She manages one of our farmers’ markets. She drives our van to make deliveries, assists with inventory, measures for production, chauffeurs in a pinch, and is now central to our growing kitting services for corporate clients. Rose is a great multi-tasker and a fast worker. She has an eye for details, a broad smile and great sense of humor. She is also determined and courageous, a wonderful mom, and an example to her community. We feel lucky to have her in our work family.

Written by Beautiful Day

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