Carry our Products

A critical part of our strategic plan is to anchor our efforts in being a local RI and regional company. Our refugee employees and trainees are thrilled to be contributing to our local economy and we’re proud to be well on our way to becoming the premier granola company of our state. 

We invest a lot of energy in partnering with local grocery stores to make our products widely available in the region. This is so important to us! We’re proud to work with our distributor (Farmfresh) and a regional delivery service (What’s Good) to ensure availability. 

If you are interested in partnering with us to carry our products at your grocery store, specialty market, coffee shop, gym, hotel, farmers' market, or other small business we would love to hear from you. Or if you have any questions about bulk orders. Joan, our sales and growth representative, will be delighted to work with you to figure out a working strategy and next steps. We have price sheets and ordering instructions ready to send. 

For those in the Providence area we deliver in person and can help advise with merchandising and messaging.

You can get started by clicking this link to send a message to Joan

Eventually we will offer wholesale ordering through this website, but as we continue to expand this part of our work we prefer to connect with you directly.