Thoughtfully sourced

It’s felt important to us to source coffees from areas of the world that some of our trainees and refugee staff used to call home. This has become a small but meaningful way for us to honor their cultures and former homes and learn about them even as they are becoming new Americans. We hope it will be a joy for you to try these coffees while learning about places such as Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where so many Congolese refugees in the US were born.

Varieties and recipes

We are so proud to offer these extraordinary coffees to complement our gourmet granolas and bars. Our beans were roasted in a unique collaboration with Bolt, our favorite shop and roastery right here in Providence. Bolt’s master roaster is an experienced craftsman who designed a roasting protocol for each of our beans, computer controlled for consistency, to fit their profile and bring out their individuality. We’ve deeply appreciated Bolt’s whole team for the care and attention they’ve given to this collaboration, working alongside us and our trainees, and educating us to make sure these coffees are extraordinary.

The youth in our program weigh, pack, seal and label our coffee while learning about consistency and attention to detail.