Granola has always seemed like the perfect food to us: wholesome, down-to-earth, satisfying.

Our award-winning granola starts with a healthy respect for each individual ingredient. We source premium nuts, mostly organic grains, high-protein seeds, Cape Cod cranberries and natural spices, relying whenever possible on local producers. Each ingredient is prepared separately and toasted at precise temperatures to bring out its true flavor. Local honey and cane juice are heated until the flavors begin to caramelize and deepen. Only then do we mix and bake our granola.

Since they are made without preservatives, we recommend keeping granola in the fridge to maintain freshness and preserve texture. Enjoy within 3-4 months.

Varieties and recipes

Our original granola comes in super-sized, snackable clusters. We also make healthy mueslis and a wide variety of seasonal small-batch variations that differ in style and texture—something for everyone. Some of our most popular recipes, like Pistachio Cardamom (with dates and a hint of rose water) were co-created with our staff, drawing inspiration from their rich and diverse cultural backgrounds.

We make six unique varieties of bars. These chewy squares pack the flavor of some of our favorite granola varieties, but are made using gluten-free oats and only gluten friendly ingredients. If you’re looking for authentic hand-made bars, these are the real-deal. We custom designed our own molds for a hefty, satisfying on-the-go shape.

Proudly made by refugees

Binding all that we do together is pride of refugees who are rebuilding their lives. From the beginning our mission has been to help refugees, especially youth and the most vulnerable, enter the job market and become welcomed, self-sufficient members of their communities.