Kitchen Sink Campaign

We’re thrilled about our new kitchen and workspace on the first floor of Hallworth House at 66 Benefit Street in Providence. While we are already operational, we still need to fund and buy important pieces of equipment. You can buy or contribute toward the purchase price of any of the items listed below. We’d love to acknowledge you by name or anonymously (or acknowledge another person of your choice) on the “Wall of Welcome” we’ll be installing to honor our donors. We’re planning a big open house celebration in October. To learn more and donate, click here.

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Learn More About Refugee Resettlement

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

Create Common Good

Jesuit Refugee Service

Selected Press

American Voices with Bill Bradley. July 2020. Rebecca Speaks with Bill Bradley. Beautiful Day was featured on American Voices when Bill Bradley interviewed Rebecca Garland, Director of Strategic Partnerships, about our work and mission. 

RI Monthly. October/2012.  Reporter Liz Rau won a press award for this feature article about Zaid Wadia, our shipping manager.

The New York Times Magazine. March/2012. Geoff and Keith were interviewed for a Who Made That column.

Deutsche Welle. June/2013.  (link now removed) Reporter Henry Peck interviewed us for the German based radio station (think NPR for Europe, although in English

Providence Journal. November/2012. An Editorial Keith wrote for the Providence Journal