Meet Nooria

Nooria grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city, where she was able to complete 9th grade before her family moved to Pune, India. Since she wasn’t an Indian citizen, she couldn’t continue in high school. Nevertheless, her passion for learning led her to English and cosmetology classes. She e arned certifications as an esthetician and nail technician. As a self-described “fashionista” and social butterfly, friends would often come to her house to ask for advice on makeup, clothes, and skin products before attending parties and weddings.

After 7 years in India, Nooria heard that she would be moving to the US. Rhode Island has been a place of many firsts: the first time having her own bedroom, her first experience bowling, the first time hearing about granola and meeting people from different nationalities. Nooria is currently enrolled in both Beautiful Day’s kitchen and market training and now tables events to promote our granola and hummus products. She loves joking and laughing with customers. The training is giving her confidence about her future. Looking ahead, she’s determined to get her GED and enroll in college. She’s not sure yet what she will study, but she knows for certain that she wants to financially support her family.

Written by Beautiful Day

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