Meet Maha

A few weeks ago in our e-newsletter we told you about Maha, who just joined us in the kitchen. She prefers not to be photographed, so we tried to show her at work without showing her face. Maybe a candid photo like this is better anyway.

Maha arrived from Syria, via Jordan, just two months ago with her brother and his family. When we asked her what she likes about her work at the Providence Granola Project, she looked over at Evon and smiled; when her boss is happy, she’s happy, she says. Evon’s smile keeps her going. Evon is quick to advise that it’s not about your boss, that she has to like the work because you can’t always please your boss. Nonetheless, it’s clear Evon is a big reason Maha is enjoying her very first paid job.

Maha’s mother died when she was 11 and she spent her younger years caring for seven siblings and her grandmother. In so many ways, she’s starting a new life here.

In fact, Evon is pleased with Maha’s progress. Maha has learned quickly and now knows granola production from beginning to end. She’s emphatic that she thinks it tastes great, too. And she’s glad so many other people like it. She wanted us to say, “Thank you!” for buying and eating the granola she makes.

Written by Meggean Ward

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