Meet Murekatete

Meet Murekatete. At 7, her family in DR Congo scattered.  She and a brother landed in Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda for 18 years, before coming to Rhode Island in June of 2015.  Her brother says “We left our first life, now we are on our second.”

Murekatete speaks a lot about being safe, people helping her, especially with her health.  For the first time since primary school, she began attending school (ESL class).

And now Murekatete is starting her first job. She had NEVER worked, and never heard of granola before, but claims she loves the taste and the process of making it.  Through an interpreter, she told us she was unsure about taking orders from a boss, but the boss (Evon) is there to “help you learn and do things better.” We’ve enjoyed seeing Murekatete coming out of her shell.  She said she likes to ‘learn and do’; she is doing a lot of that at Beautiful Day.

Written by Meggean Ward

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