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Our all-natural hand-crafted granolas are the perfect start to a Beautiful Day! This delicious recipe boasts bananas, walnuts, chia seeds, and brandy, and you can taste it in every bite. Add your granola to your own homemade bananas foster or any other snack for a memorable and nutrient-rich meal!

Beautiful Day granolas and coffees are handmade and craft-roasted by refugees in Providence, Rhode Island. 100% of the profits go to helping refugees rebuild their lives. Learn more about what makes our granola special here.

Ingredients: Oats*, honey (local), cranberries (Cape Cod cranberries, dried, sweetened), canola oil*, walnuts, bananas, coconut*, granulated cane juice, sesame seeds*, barley*, almonds, oat bran*, sunflower seeds*, wheat germ, chia seeds*, flax*, oat fiber, rum, cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla ext, almond extract, natural flavor, nutmeg.


Contains tree nuts, wheat.