We're thrilled that you're considering a group membership! While this is a pilot program for us, it's already turning out to be a great way to partner with businesses and various groups who want to take a team approach to supporting refugee employment. And, of course, the granola is seriously amazing! 

How it works?

Essentially this is custom order system: 

1) First, fill out the form below telling us a good time to get back to you and what you think you'd want to order each month and how much you'd like to donate (minimum $10). 

2) We'll do a bit of homework with our price sheets and postage rates and then call to propose a price. We're happy to advise on quantities given the number in your group and how peckish they might be. We're happy to revise any of your original numbers. Basically, we will charge our at-cost prices, shipping, plus your donation.

3) Then, at this point, if you still want to move forward, we'll create a custom membership for you on our system and sign you up for the membership. Once the order is placed you'll get an email letting you know it's live. You'll also receive a personal link to your membership and you can cancel anytime, if you wish. 

If you have any basic questions about the #TeamGranola, you can also refer to the FAQ.