Meet Uzamukunda

We caught up with Uzamukunda in the kitchen last Tuesday to find out how she’s doing learning job readiness and granola making skills. Her friend, and one of our newest employees, Aline Binyungu, provided interpretation. We asked Uzamukunda what she likes best about her work. She responded that she really likes working on a team, and not only working together, but also during break when they share a meal, six of them from four different countries. Carroll Webb, our Director of Operations and Training, says that Uzamukunda has now mastered all the tasks involved in granola production. She knows what’s next without having to be told and does her job with gusto. She says her favorite part of the process is mixing the dry grains with the wet honey, oil and spice mixture… and then the end of the night when the finished product has been packaged and goes into the fridge! Most of all, Uzamukunda says she’s just happy to be working, not sitting at home, and that her children are in school and she’ll soon have a job. Thank you for helping to give her hope. We hope you enjoy this happy picture of the whole team at the end of their shift.

Written by Meggean Ward

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