Meet Safari

Safari (top right) hardly remembers his homeland, having left as a three year-old. He thinks of himself as Tanzanian; grew up in the Nyarugusu refugee camp--one of the world's largest--outside Kigoma. The camp has become an increasingly dangerous place for the more than 140,000 refugees who wait there. For this reason, Safari is grateful that his family--father, brothers and sisters--will be joining him in a few weeks. Only 1,300 refugees were resettled from this camp last year. Safari arrived three months ago, the first in his family, and has been anxiously seeking a job.

Amidst the chaos of camp life, Safari had managed to secure a job in Kigoma working for a local businessman as an architectural artist. He also became a barber.

We told you Uzamukunda's name means "you will be loved." Safari's name in Swahili, originally from the Arabic "safara," means "a journey." And it has been a long journey for him. We're so glad Safari has joined us. Stay tuned next month to learn about Laurent.

Written by Meggean Ward

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