Meet Solaire

Solaire, like many of our trainees this year, is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She’s also the daughter of our recent graduate, Sifa. Her family, along with their entire village, fled a devastating war in the DRC with help of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees). Solaire was 6 years old when she began the rest of her childhood in a refugee camp in Uganda. Her memories of the camp included working at a small store selling clothes and always contributing to the family.

Solaire is now 18 and a junior at the local high school. It strikes us how open and trusting and eager she is. She’s still learning English, keen to do well at school, and equally determined to work. Solaire sought out our training because she’s determined to get a job while attending school. This is so she can help to pay the rent and bills for their family.

Written by Meggean Ward

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