Meet Sifa

Sifa is a patient woman. She inquired about our training in January but did not start until June. Her only complaint so far is that it won’t continue as the full time job she’s seeking. “A good job with a decent wage will mean having money to plan for better things in life.”

She grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo where she married and had 3 children. Her husband had a good job inspecting slaughtered animals before sale, but then he fell through a roof and injured his back. In 2005, when her family found safety in Uganda, Sifa became the family’s breadwinner by selling clothes, vegetables, fish and meats at markets. She only started learning English when she moved to the USA and entered an ESL class. Her English is impressive for a new learner.

Sifa is learning the importance of efficiency and initiative in the American workforce. Her time at Beautiful Day has jumpstarted her job search. She’s already had her first interviews.

Written by Meggean Ward

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