Meet Aamina

When Aamina first saw pictures of Rhode Island—her new home to be—they were tourist shots taken in the summer. Imagine her surprise when, just one a year ago this month, she arrived in cold air and barren trees. She laughed and told us how happy she was to discover that our state does indeed turn warm and green.

Aamina trained as a nurse in Mogadishu but then fled Somalia to Thailand in 2013 where she took care of herself by cleaning houses and offices and learning how to sew.

Aamina knows that she may never, as she puts it, “do what I love,” and that’s her dream of becoming a nurse. Aamina wants you to know that she is motivated and hard-working. She is a problem solver, quick to take initiative, glad to be a part of a team, and determined to make others feel welcome. She’s still learning English, but her passion is exceptional. We are lucky to have her as part of the Beautiful Day kitchen crew.

Written by Meggean Ward

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