Meet Solange

Originally from the Congo, Solange lived in Uganda before being resettled in Arizona.  She moved to Providence in July of 2016 with her seven kids and husband.

It’s clear meeting Solange that she is an effusive ball of energy and positivity. She is determined to work hard to support her family. She recounted her experiences farming in Uganda and her completion of a childcare certification program in Arizona.  Solange has been pleasantly surprised by the support her family received in Providence..

A month into her experience in the kitchen, Solange overcame her initial fears after hearing her co-workers applaud her work ethic. Now that she’s learned to make and pack granola, she’s getting additional experience by weighing all the ingredients for production.  This has made her excited about testing out her own recipes at home. In the future, Solange hopes to complete childcare training, so that she can work and still prioritize her family.

Written by Meggean Ward

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