Meet Sedeqi

Sedeqi was born in Laghman Province in Afghanistan. His father was the principal of the local school, so education was naturally very important. The family moved to Kabul when Sedeqi was still young. This meant a better school system and more opportunities. Upon graduation from high school he went on to military university. He worked in media and administration, and eventually in operations, with responsibility to protect an airfield at an American Army base in Helmand Province.

While Sedeqi is still learning basic English, he often gestures with one hand over his heart in a way that communicates a profound respect for others. He likes to have fun too, and can put our kitchen in stitches by imitating staff. This is a great quality about our kitchen–there’s no need to share a language in order to share a joke.

Sedeqi is both devout and open to helping educate our staff about Afghan culture, especially as we are being intentional about welcoming Afghan women. He makes a point of saying he thinks Rhode Island, his new home, is beautiful. But he’s honest as well about how his heart aches for his wife, kids, and extended family who are still in Afghanistan. He worries about them and is eager to find a full time job so he can support them.

Written by Beautiful Day

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