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Mina enjoys people and likes to laugh. She has a sly sense of humor and tells stories about growing up with 7 siblings in Casablanca, Morocco. She loves sports, especially volleyball. She was NOT one of those girls who over-worried about her nails.

In high school Mina learned secretarial skills. She studied economics at the university. Her favorite in a series of jobs was working as an HR assistant. She took risks to advocate for herself, but there weren’t many opportunities to advance. One of her sisters filed an immigration application for her in 2006. When papers came through, she decided to take the risk. She arrived in January 2022.

Mina describes the US as a vast, beautiful country with a new way of life, but without English you feel like you are four years old again. Mina started English class just before the Covid shut-down. Even then she couldn’t “stay at home and just eat,” so she found her way to Beautiful Day for job training.

Mina recognizes that life in the US means starting from zero and working her way up. She’s enjoyed making granola and relished working alongside others from diverse backgrounds. She’s now starting a first job, exploring options for classes, and making plans to get a car. Ultimately her dream is to find her way back to work in HR.

Written by Beautiful Day

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