Meet Evon

Evon, her parents, and 5 siblings fled Iraq for Jordan in 2003. They arrived in the US in 2008. She laughs remembering what her sister Vivian (who also worked at Beautiful Day) said when she could not find Rhode Island on a map. “There must not be many people there, so they need our big family!”

Evon has been with Beautiful Day since the beginning. On a recent warm day sitting outside on our patio, she spoke of meeting Keith at an International Institute event in 2008. She had prepared the food and he really enjoyed it. He asked what she liked to do. She replied “I like to cook.” That was 14 years ago. The rest is history.

Evon appreciates that she is trusted to experiment with new flavors. She created our much-loved Pistachio Cardamom granola and bar. She enjoys welcoming new trainees and teaching them how to work as a team and make delicious granola despite language and cultural differences. She considers laughter and joy necessary ingredients. Besides working for Beautiful Day, she also works at CAV Restaurant, which features a global menu and where she specializes in desserts.

Evon became a citizen in 2020. While her life has been full of constant change (she insists she hates change), she loves her new home and says, “I love Rhode Island. Providence is my city.” And we love her!

Written by Beautiful Day

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