Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth grew up in the area of Harper, a coastal city that was once part of The Republic of Maryland (US Colony) but now belongs to Liberia. Elizabeth is work-smart. She’s motivated and jumps into tasks. She attentively welcomes everyone to our kitchen and it’s obvious that our team of trainees and staff respect her presence and work ethic.

She told us that she grew up understanding the value of work. As one of the oldest of 7 siblings being raised by an elderly grandmother, she was tasked with doing pretty much “everything”: cooking, laundry, taking her grandmother by canoe to sell goods at the local market. She regrets never having been able to go to school, especially given the importance of education in the US, so now she’s diligent about practicing her skills with reading and writing.

Elizabeth has been through some tough things including losing her husband and not knowing what happened to her mother. As the elder of 11 extended family members who recently resettled in Providence, she carries a lot of responsibility! She thinks of Beautiful Day as a place where “people are kind and accept people who will work hard,” and she thinks of herself as someone who is “always learning.”

Written by Beautiful Day

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