Meet Daniel

Like several of the youth in our current job training cohort, Daniel is ethnically Kunama. Originally his family is from Eritrea, although he was born in Ethiopia. He’s very chill with a sly sense of humor that the whole cohort appreciates.

That time of leaving Ethiopia is a bit of a blur—he was around 7 or 8 and remembered being confused about where they were going. He arrived in Providence with his mom and younger brother and started school with his cousin Hayle (also in this cohort).

Daniel did not feel like he was treated differently because he was from Ethiopia, and around 3rd grade, it suddenly became easy to learn English. While he questions if some subjects in school are taught well, he loves reading and history, especially the book Alexander Hamilton about a character who was an immigrant and completely fearless.

Outside of school, Daniel likes basketball the TV show Lucifer. His goal is to become a firefighter. He says he joined our youth cohort because he appreciated the mission of Beautiful Day and wanted to start earning money. He enjoyed selling granola at a farmers’ market and getting to meet lots of people in different parts of the state. As this cohort finishes up by this month, we hope a few of you will have a chance to meet him.

Written by Beautiful Day

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