Meet Faranswazi

The holidays are awesome because we’re super busy. We’ve been making over 750 pounds of granola, bars, and nuts per week—more than twice our usual haul! 

For Faranswazi who joined us 3 weeks ago, it means long shifts, a larger training stipend, more English practice, and a glimpse of a more stable future as she learns to label and pack granola.

Like many of our recent trainees Faranswazi is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and spent the last 15 years in a camp in Rwanda before arriving in Providence this last August.  She already has friends in the project. Murekatate (featured last month) is now able to help translate for her. And Media (featured in July) is her daughter-in-law

Evon, our kitchen manager, is happy about Faranswazi’s ability to engage with the process of cooking. While women who with children often have the highest job-entry barriers, they’ve also been cooking and caring for their families—which provides a context for this job. She has the joy of cooking for you!

UPDATE: We’re happy to report that Faranwaszi is now working as a hospital custodian.

Written by Meggean Ward

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