Meet Beatrice

This month we introduce Beatrice. Like many high-schoolers, Beatrice wants to be her own person. She likes being trusted to do the right thing and having some independence. She brightens when talking about her (honors!) pre-calculus class and dancing at a local teen club. She also thinks about the future: college, making her mark in the world, making her mom proud, while also being able to, as she puts it, "breathe."

Not always so easy when living between two cultures. 

Beatrice grew up in Congo Brazzaville after fleeing DR Congo with her mother and older brother. Her vivid first memories of being resettled in RI in 2015 include being picked up at the airport, eating a meal, and then suddenly being alone on a 3rd floor apartment. While she hated walking to school alone and being picked on as "the new girl who didn't know English," she eventually made a best friend.

Beatrice feels sad that she'll soon be graduating from our program-but we're pretty proud of her. Especially with her strong math skills and growing experience in customer service, we think she's ready to take on the world.

Written by Meggean Ward

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