Meet Marie

This month we’re happy to feature our new (paid) summer intern.  She’ll be learning to sell granola at a farmers’ markets and creating original content (pictures and videos) for our social media.

Marie, (15) from DRCongo, is part of a family of 8 that arrived in 2014 via Uganda and Thailand. Marie considers herself a young activist devoted to feminism, equal rights, and assisting refugees through trauma and resettlement. While Marie considers herself an outgoing person who loves History and is excited to call the USA home, one of her biggest adjustments involved starting at a big high school with a different teacher for every subject.  This was pretty intimidating at first, but now she’s adapting and finding her voice again. She realizes that she lives with a foot in two cultures: one in her American high-school, the other in the African culture, music, movies and connections of community/family. She is an impressive young woman and we feel lucky to have her.

Written by Meggean Ward

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