Meet Mwarvita

Like many of our recent trainees Mwarvita is from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  She and her husband knew each other growing up, married at 17 and farmed.  They fled violence in 1996 and spent 20 years at a refugee camp in Tanzania where they found it painful to live by depending on rations and the help of others.  She arrived with her family of 10 in 2016.  

There have been many firsts to conquer in the US: schedules, school, now going to this production training for the first time.  Because of the holidays we are now working extra days and double shifts--Mwarvita smiles through it all.

Mwarvita first learned about Beautiful Day through her son, Safari, who trained with us until he got a full-time job at a hotel (where he continues to work). Mwarvita will be looking for work when she finishes training with us. 

Written by Meggean Ward

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