In honor of Valentines Day, February's Recipe of the Month is "

I Heart Cherry Chocolat,

" a delightful combination of orange peel, kirsch, zante currants, Ghirardelli chocolate, and bright, tart cherries (along with all the other good granola-y ingredients). We hesitated to have two special recipes in a row featuring chocolate, but February can be a rough month. And besides, chocolate and Valentines Day go together like, well, chocolate and lots of special occasions.

Starting today (Wednesday Feb. 3) and going until next Tuesday (Feb. 9) we will be offering a free bag of Muesli with any order of

Three or more

bags of Granola (Orignola or this month's special recipe). Artisanal Granola makes a wonderful Valentines gift.

No need for special codes or anything. Just go put three bags of granola in your shopping cart and we'll make sure you get that free Muesli!


Geoff and Keith

Written by Keith and Geoff

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