Hi folks,

What happened to March?

Actually, we know.We got so busy trying to keep up with our Originola orders from local RI restaurants and hotels that we neglected a lot of things including putting out an update on our flavor of the month. So, just for the record, March was Chaat Masala Snacking Granola—one of our healthiest granolas yet made with hand-popped high-protein amaranth, chipped coconut, brown rice syrup, and organic dates; it was low gluten, almost no sugar at all, and had a fusion of spices like mango powder, fennel, cardamom, tamarind, chili, and fenugreek to start waking up your taste buds after a long cold winter.

We still have some left if you want to special request it (please put a note at the bottom of the form when you order), but we need to move on and the big news now is that April’s Got the Blues is already on her way into town.

Longtime blog followers may recall April’s former journey through the streets of Providence (go back a year, if you’re interested) or the way Providence’s very own recording artist, Allysen Callery immortalized her spirit in an original recording.Of all our granolas, this was my favorite of last year.And now she’s not only back but improved with unsulphured California apricots, a double load of dried blueberries, currants (no raisins!), both pecans and walnuts, and a healthy dose of very healthy apricot kernel oil.Full ingredients below.

I’ll try to get the technically savvy Geoff to insert Alleysen’s voice here for you to enjoy.

Even better, catch one of her upcoming shows by visiting:

Do get your orders in early.We’re growing, and because of limitations in kitchen access, we need to limit our recipe of the month production to 120 pounds, so it’s first come first serve.

Don’t forget to try the muesli—right now we’re offering Ginger Zinger.

And stay tuned.I’ve made an April resolution to expand our blog entries.This month I hope to offer an untrained granola chef’s top ten culinary principles.Hmm... don't you wonder what they will be? (So do I, but stay tuned.)

Written by Keith and Geoff

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