I learned from my Inc. magazine that any business blog worth it’s organic salt needs to be about something bigger than the product it is marketing. So, after over a year of establishing myself as an amateur professional granola chef, I’ve decided it’s time to get more serious about blogging.

But what can I write about that’s bigger than granola?

My first idea was to make every recipe in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and serve it to my daughter Julia and then blog about her reactions. I could call it “Julia Disses Julia.” But Julia—meaning the famous one—was way too fond of things like cow brains and kidneys and short on things like cupcakes and brownies (not to mention not a single granola recipe!) which makes for a too easy target. So, I decided I’d better free that idea to find a better home.

My second idea was to go on a “granola only” diet and turn my own body, or better yet, Geoff’s, into a living science experiment. We could take an unflinching look what happens to biceps, skin, hair, and cholesterol counts when nurtured on a diet of only granola. “Providence Granola Project Me” we could call it. Not bad… although, with all those close-ups and graphic visuals, it might make a better film than blog. Neither Geoff nor I are aspiring actors. Plus, even with the hard truth on our side, I’m not sure it would be such a good idea for a little company like ours to go up against the likes of Pfizer and Lilly and AstraZeneca as the solution to 21st century American ailments. Sure, David slew his Goliath, but he didn’t go looking for an entire posse of them.

Maybe someone out there can dream up a good bigger-than-our-business blogging idea for us. In the meantime, I think I’ll just do what every other bloke on the blogosphere seems to be doing and offer some unsolicited advice. Geoff could enhance each entry with an attractive photograph. To keep it completely predictable, I could format it as a top ten list: Ten Cooking Tips from an Amateur Professional Granola Chef. One per week. I'm approaching 50 which means I've logged plenty of kitchen hours by now--so I should be able to come up with ten directives right?


Although, I’m afraid this entry has already reached optimum blog length so I’ll have to wait until next week to dream up my first tip.

In the meantime spread the word—the Providence Granola Project blog is getting bigger than itself. Sign up to follow us!

And don’t forget to order your granola. “April’s Got the Blues” is awfully tasty and wonderfully healthy. So good for you, in fact, that, aleast someday, it might just put Pfizer out of business. Wouldn't that be sweet. Nothing but granola commercials on the 6:30 news.
Written by Keith and Geoff

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