A quick note to say we’re back on the job with plenty of Chocobanola already in the mail, and more, fresh from the ovens, awaiting your discriminating palates.Ghirardelli chocolate, bananas, a hint of molasses, even some those extra-healthy chia seeds that are supposed to help detoxify and hydrate you at the same time.Go figure.You could even try putting this granola on your head and seeing if you sprout green hair--I highly recommend it.You can think of it all as our little way to help you make good on at least one of your New Year’s resolutions.Let’s face it—probably everybody needs more granola in their lives.

For us, the new year also means our second year in business and a new process of revisiting and refining recipes.While December was a blur, it was definitely a productive one. Now, with our club membership nearly doubled, we expect the busyness to continue.In fact, we were so busy in December that we hired a second Burmese (ethnically Karen) man named Kyaw Hlaing to help us.Already this week, both he and Saw Kay (hired in October) are scheduled to start full time jobs at a warehouse.We’ll miss them. They were both exceptionally good-natured and hard working.

A huge thanks to those of you (including a generous donor from Canada, who can’t even order our granola without paying customs charges) who have made it possible for our manager Evon to start driving lessons.She says she’s scared to learn, but I know for a fact that driving is way easier than making granola.I’m also looking forward to training her on a computer so she can take on more aspects of the management.As soon as she’s able to drive, she’ll be able to start making deliveries—maybe even to farmer’s market around the corner from you.

Ingredients for our new and improved Chocobanola: oats (org), barley (org), Sucanat (minimally processed sugar), honey (native RI), canola oil (expeller pressed), raisins, Craisins, wheat germ, oat bran (org), almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds (org), sunflower seeds, coconut (org), Ghirardelli chocolate, pecan meal, flax seeds (org), dried bananas, molasses (org), oat fiber, chia seeds, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg, almond extract.

Written by Keith and Geoff

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