Hi folks,

The granola’s in the mail and Geoff, Evon and I are taking a short break to recoup and eat unhealthy things like fruit pudding and cheesecake.Who knows?—maybe with a little hard sauce on top. We’ll be back soon enough with refreshed minds and more personal incentive than ever to make the world a healthy place.Maybe we’ll even reach a decision about our logo.

But just because we’ve gone fishin’ doesn’t mean you can't keep on clickin'.Our gift-subscription offer is still valid up through Christmas Eve (and maybe even New Year’s if you ask nicely).So you can be good to yourself, avoid that last minute trip to the mall, and make this the last stop for those last minute holiday gifts.

We’ll need a week or so of the new year to perfect our latest recipe and crank up the ovens at Amos House.We’ll plan to get orders in the mail out around the 8th.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that sort of stuff.If you’re feeling bored, try sending a link to our blog to all your friends—it’s almost as fun as watching the cooking channel and it has a huge impact on our business. Don’t forget to eat your oats. We love you.


Written by Keith and Geoff

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