Dear Granola Friends:

The following is your shopping guide for the Providence Granola Project webstore which you can reach through our website or by visiting:

As we mentioned in our last blog post, this holiday season will define the course of our future, so we would like to invite you to think about making granola your holiday gift of choice. It does make a terrific gift. Dinner parties, something for office colleagues, a little gift to yourself and your healthy diet resolutions... not to mention planning ahead for the munchies on long road trips (so you don't just eat M&Ms and Pringles).

A month-club subscription is cool way to keep your gift arriving right through the winter or around the year. Plus our new t-shirts (in 3 great colors) are bound to be the new fashion rage from Providence to Los Angeles.

We know our granola is a premium product, but we also know that it's a good deal. Our overhead is about as low as a company can get. If you went out and bought the same high quality raw ingredients and tried to make it yourself, you would never be able to make it for this price.

We've put together some cool gift packages that combine granola with granola fashion wear. All our specials are now posted, but this email should help explain the possibilities.

Gift Packs:

  • Two Bag Gift Pack: Includes 2 bags of granola (Original, Holly Jolly Ginger) a t-shirt, and a thank you note signed by a refugee employee.
  • Three Bag Gift Pack: Includes 3 bags of granola (Original, Holly Jolly Ginger, Original Muesli) a t-shirt, and a thank you note signed by a refugee employee.
Please Note: The two- and three-bag gift packs are a great way to save over ordering individual items.
  • The Deluxe Holiday Gift Pack and the Deluxe Holiday Gift Pack Extraordinaire: each includes collections of some of our best granola and muesli recipes along with fashion wear and a hand-written note from one of our refugee employees.
Please Note: The deluxe packs are intended for present and future aficionados of PGP who not only need their small mountain of granola but also love supporting our mission. Part of the costs involves coaching time to help one of our employees compose a thank you note in English. Shipping and handling are included.
Also Important:Gift packs will start shipping around Dec 5th (when the t-shirts are ready). We will send orders ASAP unless you make it clear to us (with a note as you check out) that you prefer that we wait until a later date.All packages will ship by priority mail.

Free T-shirt Special with Granola of the Month subscriptions:

  • As usual, GOTM subscription are available for 3, 6, and 12 months. These make great gifts.For every 12 months of granola you order as gifts between now and Christmas (this can include self-gifting), we will send you a free t-shirt.


Our database will track the sum total of the months of granola you’ve ordered, so this could include four 3-month subscriptions or various combinations of months.

You don’t need to order these gifts all at the same time.

Also Important: We’ll email you a coupon code when your orders reach 12 months.

Then you can select the exact t-shirt you want right off the webstore.

Also: Granola orders will always ship ASAP unless you tell us otherwise. (T-shirts ship December 5th.) If you prefer that the first month of a subscription start closer to Christmas or in January,

you must make this clear in the note at checkout


Free Shipping Special:

  • The final special, is that any order for over $75 to a single address gets free shipping.We will offer this from now through January 1st. (Gift packs can be included with free shipping.)

The scoop on t-shirts

Thanks for all who responded to our survey on t-shirts.

By far, the most “votes” were for putting our oval logo on front and the divers scene on the back—so that is exactly what we did.

The front logo is about 4 inches, centered (includes URL) and the back is about 11 x 8 inches. We also took your advice on a more fitted-style lightweight shirt with different cuts for men and women.

Our web store shows a white shirt—but they are actually available in 3 colors (and not in white).

We did need to raise the price slightly (to $21) to cover the extra screens and the fitted-quality shirt.

Shirts will be available (while they last) in the following colors and sizes:


Heathered Charcoal:

XXL, XL, L, M, S

Denim blue: XXL, XL, L, M, S

Olive: XL, L, M, S


Heathered Charcoal:

XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS

Denim blue: XL, L, M, S, XS

Olive: XL, L, M, S

We appreciate your going on this ride with us.

It's all a bit complicated, we know. Big companies can custom order premium websites and the assistance to run them. We're novices at finding our way around in cyberspace. But we're getting there. The good part is, that if there is a problem and you need to leave us a message toll free at


(or, you gotta love this, 1-855-OAT-GUYS) you will be helping one of our employees (Zaid) to practice all the skills he is learning. He will call you back (or Geoff or Keith will if he gets confused.)

Happy shopping.

Love, Keith and Geoff

Written by Keith and Geoff

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