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Beautiful Bar Facts and Factoids Brainteaser: If a factoid is, by definition, a fact of spurious origin or, alternatively, one of trivial consequence, is this statement then fact or a factoid?

  • Our Beautiful Bars are in production, and as of today, available for purchase on our website. You can order in denominations of 1, 6, 12, or 24.
  • Our bar packaging, designed as a temporary “postcard” to invite happy tasters to join our funding campaign to launch the bars, will be in use for another month even though our Indiegogo campaign has ended. The outdated packaging, should not, in any way, suggest that the bar itself is outdated. In fact, most bars going out this week were made this week.
  • You can still see our campaign video here.
  • The final packaging, currently in design, will have bright colors, complete nutrition facts, a UPC, and be available for wholesale purchase.
  • Beautiful Bar ingredients are: oats (gluten free), honey (local), cranberries (Cape Cod cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), almonds, canola oil (org), sunflower seeds (org), coconut (org), sesame seeds (org), walnuts, pecans, dehydrated cane juice, flax seeds (org), vanilla extract, sea salt, cinnamon, almond extract, nutmeg.
  • Please note the ingrediential simplicity and lack of Latinate morphology. That’s been our goal—simple, honest; no tricks, and unrecognizable ingredients.
  • (FACT!) The bars contain tree nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans.
  • (FACT!) While we’ve taken care to source gluten free ingredients and have bought designated pans for baking, we do work in a kitchen that uses gluten, soy, milk, eggs, and other allergens, so there is always a danger of cross-contamination. Moreover, some people with gluten allergies are sensitive to gluten free oats. Please take care with our product.
  • Nutrition facts.
  • Additional nutritional fact(oid)s: Vitamin A 0% * Vitamin C 0% * Calcium 4% * Iron 8% * Vitamin E 15% * Vitamin K 4% * Thiamin 8% * Riboflavin 4% * Niacin 4% * Vitamin B6 6% * Folate 4% * Biotin 2% * Pantothenic Acid 2% * Phosphorus 10% * Magnesium 10% * Zinc 6% * Selenium 6% * Copper 15% * Manganese 30% * Molybdenum 4% * Chloride 2%
  • 51 grams is approximately equal to 1.79897 ounces. (Fact(oid) check here.) In actuality, many of our bars are closer to 2 ounces, but we are working on a system to make them slightly less hefty without going under 1.79897 ounces.
  • Here’s a little of the text Geoff and I put together for the wrapper: “Too good to be good for you, you say? It's even better than you think. This all-natural, gluten-free bar was made from scratch by newly arrived refugees from places like Iraq and Burma. That’s good times three. That’s beautiful.”
  • We haven’t gone to the printer yet. So we’re still open to suggestions.
  • Our Indiegogo campaign raised $11,640. This covered a substantial portion of our launch expenses including custom made pans, 40-some trial versions, our trial run of packaging, a wide sampling of bars, and some design expenses. Thanks to every one of you who made it possible.
  • We are still wrestling with getting t-shirts onto the torsos of people who are due them. This is mostly because we are short-handed, out-of-stock, and soliciting sizes—but we are working on it.
  • We have hired 3 new refugee employees in our kitchen. Two from Burma, one from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are all doing well, learning quickly, and should be ready for the busy upcoming holiday season. THANKS for making this possible.
  • Yes, I’ll confess, I'm a little punchy. And I have no training in marketing. But I nevertheless declare an open season in Beautiful Bars.

Many thanks to all our fans.

Written by Keith Cooper

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