On April 12, we are gathering a group of creative people for a Design Jam. If you live in the Providence area, then you and your friends are invited to join us.



The event will be facilitated by Tino Chow, a designer, strategist (and self-professed trouble maker). Tino is a RISD grad, TED Fellow, and granola fan, and now works for a design firm in New York.

Our goal for the Jam: a new website that captures the story of Beautiful Day/Providence Granola that will improve our reach and impact.

What will the Jam entail? Going as far from concept to finished product within a day. We'll write, we'll code, and create. We already have lots of raw material and the preliminary work of mission and story in a branding brief.


Who do we need for the Jam? A creative team of designers, artists, writers, programmers, videographers, photographers--you name it--and "ideas people" to somehow take all this and transform it into a compelling and accessible website.

Why is this Jam important? Imagine what could be accomplished by imagining and learning together and working side by side. Our approach embodies the laid back, grass-roots, community-based, entrepreneurial organization that is enriched by lots of ideas and voices.

Where is the Jam? We’ll meet somewhere on the Brown campus and go from about 9am to 9pm with pizza or sushi breaks. Most likely some of us will also meet for a partial day on the 13th to finish things up.

We have a great team assembled but can always use a few more. If you or someone you know know is interested please forward them this invitation and/or contact Keith at beautifuldayri@gmail.com. If you can't spare the entire day, feel free to stay as long as you can - we'll just look for the best time to plug you in.

Written by Keith Cooper

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