So check this out everybody. Our first employee, Berita, mother of nine and refugee from Burundi, has found a job. We, of course, are thrilled. Not that we’ve had any doubts that anyone who can pull heavy pans in and out of a hot oven or wrestle our 60 lb vat of honey with Berita’s enthusiasm would make a great employee. But considering her limited English and almost total lack of experience in the American workplace, she was facing a challenge.

This comes as a shot of encouragement for us. I work alongside everyone else in our Friday night granola factory and I know first-hand what my muscles feel like the next day. I have to admit, especially during these initial few months of heavy start-up expenses, there are moments when I wonder WTOF (what the organic flax) I’ve gotten myself into. It’s awfully nice to see our idea working.

As I see it, the main thing we are teaching our employees in this project is confidence—confidence that they can learn new skills, that they can communicate across almost any language barrier, and that they can be a crucial part of a team. Our hope is that what Berita learned with us played some part in helping her interview for and get a job, and that it will make her upcoming transition more smooth and less frightening. We will miss her.

Thanks to all of you who are making this possible by buying our granola. Thanks especially to you month-clubbers, who help us predict expenses and keep inventory down. We hope that you buy our granola because it’s the best around—but also that you’ll enjoy knowing how your breakfast is making a difference.

And speaking of granola: we made our second batch of Orange-Kirshwasserola last night and the last of our orders should go out today. We should have about 25 bags that aren’t spoken for, so order up while you still can.


Written by Keith and Geoff

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