Ah, Valentine's Day. The holiday known to be bursting with as much romance and swooning ("ah, l'amour!") as there is cynicism and angst ("what an overrated capitalistic convention!"). Wherever you are on Valentine's Day and in whatever mood, might we step back from the hype and give a nod towards all the reasons there are to celebrate and have a little fun?

We've been taken over! No, not by pirates. Although that would be romantic and adventurous in its own right (pirates looking for treasure? granola treasure? ). As some of you may have heard, as of January 1, 2013, The Providence Granola Project has become a subsidiary of our new nonprofit,

Beautiful Day Rhode Island

.A few weeks ago, in an Avenger's like fashion, a superstar team of local businessmen, educators, innovators, and leaders swiftly assembled into an official Board of Directors and hired Keith Cooper as Executive Director of Beautiful Day. Yes, that's right! After 1.5 years of giving his time and energy relentlessly, but joyfully to leading Granola Project and building Beautiful Day, Keith is now employed. How fitting that the one hired in this story deeply appreciates and knows the value of work, and wants to pass on that same feeling and experience to others.

The wheels are turning, the juice is flowing. As we cast vision, crank out logistics, and navigate through the jungle of growing this very young non-profit, we're grateful that the Granola Project captures our hearts over and over again. Stepping into a kitchen of smiling employees who find dignity in employment and earning their own paycheck reminds us why we're doing this.


Love. We love our employees. We love what we do. We love that we can share this joy with anyone who cares to hear about it and try our granola.

Now, we don't want to be a Valentine's Day scrooge and lecture about all the ways we should think less about silly romantic notions and more about actually loving one another. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have as much fun as we did putting together a gift box of what might be one of our favorite combinations.


This charming duet comes packed with a sweet little card in a giftbox and lovely ribbon. We've got February's Recipe of the Month, Cherry Chocolate, which is a delightful combination of orange peel, kirsch, Ghirardelli chocolate, and bright, tart cherries. (This can also be ordered a la carte on our shop). And of course, you already know the deal about Amaretto Pear.

Swoonworthy stuff and our best shot at being romantic!

Give a box to your sweetheart, a good friend, or someone who can use some cheer. If you think about it, the flavor combinations are quite poetic. Sometimes love can be sweet, like chocolates and pears. Other times, it's a bit tart (cherries) and complex (kirsch, amaretto). But we think that when you put all those elements together, the experience of love is so much deeper and richer, don't you think?

(Contributed thanks to Beautiful Day intern)

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