Granola and Coffee on a Mission

Connecting refugees and the community through business, job training, and education.


“Local. Delicious. Making a difference. Delicious. People helping other people. Oh, and did I mention how great it tastes?”
“...the very best granola I've ever had. It's a bonus that they have this great mission."– SOS, Boston
“This strikes me as the very sort of venture that both the left and the right can support with equal enthusiasm... a way to welcome and support refugees (an almost sacred obligation), and... that greatest American entity of all: the "small business"! JH, New Haven
“You all rock! I look forward to my granola month and usually sample it the day it arrives! I’ve never been disappointed! I love the stories and the photos and learning about your staff. This is the best $25 I spend every month. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work. Mary, Anchorage AK

Update on Afghans in the US

Now, a year later, the headlines are largely gone. Public attention has waned, partly eclipsed by the crisis in Ukraine and partly the result of seeing that efforts to support Afghans may involve commitments that last years, rather than months. The simple reality is that it takes a long time to rebuild a life, and unfortunately, this is particularly true for many resettled Afghans.