Meet Welde

Welde, originally from Liberia, joined her extended family here in Rhode Island in December of 2019. Welde is 18 and is now studying for the GED, but she knew she needed to work in order to help her family with bills and rent. She sought help at our partner agency (Dorcas International Institute) and then joined our training program.

Welde’s prior work experience was as a nanny in Cote D’Ivoire so she was looking for help with things like time management, following schedules, and being part of a team in order be ready for the local job market.

Welde is determined and motivated, ready to leap into any task and get it done. This kind of initiative really pays off. In fact, just as we were getting this card ready, Welde found her first job. We’re proud of her. We know what a big deal a first job is. This will allow her to continue her studies and help with the family, plus it’s right near her home. We will miss her exuberance at the kitchen but are happy that just a few months at Beautiful Day helped her achieve her goal.

Written by Meggean Ward

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