Meet Elisabet

Elisabet remembers Shemelba Refugee Camp (Ethiopia) as a place without a curfew “where we could play and hang out with other kids.” Life was slower, though food limited and there was a long walk for water. But weddings would last for a week—1 day for the wedding, then celebration, music and dancing.

She’s clearly had to wrestle with expectations. She’d been told America is clean, safe and had good opportunities, yet discovered there is racism and too much violence. Their last landlord never fixed anything so they had rodents and a leaky roof.Elisabet, who is Kunama from Eritrea, often felt questioned in school because of food, culture, and language. She started making a diverse set of friends in 6th grade, and now enjoys the camaraderie and competition of playing high school volleyball. She is getting ready for her senior year.

Elisabet feels motivated by family and education and dreams about a job in healthcare. She was thrilled about starting a hospital internship this summer--though Covid has forced the internship to be virtual. She is proud to be graduating from our youth program and has learned how important communication and teamwork are to success in a job. Way to go Elisabet—we’re proud to be a small part of your journey.

Written by Meggean Ward

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