Meet Denise

We wanted to take a moment to recognize Denise, who, even as we write, is already moving on to a part-time job. 

Originally from DR Congo, Denise spent many of her 23 years in a refugee camp in Rwanda. There she learned to read and write in Kinyarwanda. She also found her first job which involved doing comedy in "show business" at the camp!. Wow! 

Denis has a 5-year-old son which means that work, training, education, and parenting are part of a high-stakes juggling act to become successful in the US. But she is absolutely determined. In order to accommodate her new part-time job (dishwasher at a restaurant) she's switching her classes to the evenings which means stepping out of our training program for now. 

Denise came to Rhode Island to join her cousins who were resettled here 4 years ago. (Two have been through our program). They are all fortunate to have support from the Congolese/Burundian community and our local resettlement agency. 

We love part of the journey of a young person like Denise who is determined to do whatever it takes to build her new life in Rhode Island. Go for it, Denise! 

Written by Meggean Ward

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