Meet Clementine

Clementine grew up in Rwanda where she lived with her parents and four sisters. 

She was studying accounting when she fell in love with Jerome, an American and former refugee, who had fled the war in Rwanda years earlier and finally returned for a visit. 

Clementine had many friends and close family in Rwanda, so the hardest part about coming to Rhode island was not knowing anyone. But she says she wasn't afraid to move across the world because she trusts Jerome. The couple now have a son. Because Jerome works second shift, she's looking for a first-shift or weekend work. She has her green card and is learning English at the local community college and is making plans to eventually become a nurse. 

Clementine is preparing for her first job by selling granola and representing Beautiful Day at a farmers' market. She especially enjoys interacting with customers and is glad to be learning a broad variety of skills. 

Written by Meggean Ward

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