An Invitation: Our first Annie Award

We are proud to presenting our first Granola for Good Award to IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services) an organization that has been serving refugees in New Haven, Connecticut.

This award is the brainchild of our own board member Sandra Enos and it is made in memory of Anne Dombrofski, who many of you will remember was Beautiful Day’s first Director of Strategic Partnerships and before that the Director of Development at IRIS.

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How much do you know about human displacement and refugee resettlement?

How much do you know about human displacement and refugee resettlement? Take quiz!

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Blending Into The American Dream

Multiple award-winning video takes you inside Beautiful Day (formerly Providence Granola Project) to hear directly from recent refugees on how making great food empowers them (and the larger community as well) by David H. Wells.

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On Worry, Birds, Lovers on this Last Day of our May Appeal

This one has a beautiful bird who neither sows or reaps or writes grants or makes granola or handles HR or IT.  She’s openly vulnerable, glorious, somehow protecting or maybe just celebrating the lovers in their red refuge. (Egg? or nest? or—I know I read things into Chagall in part because he was a refugee. I’m taking it as that place of creative safety that so many refugees, and all of us who resonate with their experience, long for in our souls.)

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Board Match Appeal

It is with great pride that Keith and I share with you our ‘hot-off-the-press’ 2017 Annual Report. As you look through the pages, you will quickly notice that Beautiful Day has a lot to celebrate – yes, we are now five years old as a non-profit and stronger than ever. 

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Kitchen (not so) Confidential

Beautiful Day

First, a bit of background: I’m very new to Beautiful Day, joining the organization in late March after many (many) years in the for-profit world. Within my first few days with Beautiful Day, I had the opportunity to spend a shift in the kitchen, working with the trainees as they made our granola. I had no idea what to expect, but looked forward to the opportunity. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about that night.

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