Beautiful Day Goes to Middle School

Rebecca Garland

Teacher Joe Baer talks with 8th grade students enrolled in Wheeler School'sCityside Program (Pre-Covid photo) That's right, now we're in middle school - at the Wheeler School in Providence to be exact! We've been working all semester with teacher Joe Baer, Director of the  Cityside Program, a special year-long class at Wheeler that all 8th graders take part in, where students collaborate with local nonprofits and other stakeholders to produce projects designed to promote positive change in Rhode Island. Working off-campus, students form groups of 3 or 4 and decide together on an area of interest to focus on. The groups then reach out to organizations or individuals...

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Portrait of an Extraordinary Woman: Aline

Rebecca Garland 4 comments

Today is International Women's Day and we are featuring Aline Binyungu, a former refugee from DRCongo who has dedicated her life to helping women and girls. Many of you know her as the co-founder of Women's Refugee Care, along with her husband, Clement Shabani. This is an organization dedicated to supporting refugee families primarily from East Africa. Rebecca spoke to Aline to learn more about her life's work. Rebecca: When you were growing up in the DRCongo, what made you decide that you wanted to work with girls and women? Aline: When I was little, my mother was always feeling depressed because she had...

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Refugee & Black: An Interview with Monica

Rebecca Garland 2 comments
It started in high school. I noticed that during history class we weren't being taught about black history. They just skimmed through it - even slavery. Like one week of "Black History." And that struck a nerve. Me and my friends, we talked to the teachers and then the head of school. He was hesitant, but we were passionate and all about taking action. And we started a morning gathering of the whole school where we would tell one fact about black history or about Africa or even Asia because there were a lot of international students at my school.
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Our Mentoring Program is Off and Running. Meet Annu!

Beautiful Day
Last weekend, we welcomed ten extraordinary people to be mentors in our Refugee Youth Program. These men and women will work with the teens in a number of ways. Some will meet one-on-one with a youth to provide friendship and guidance. Others will offer academic support. And still others will host special projects. Annu Palakunnathu Matthew falls into the third category. 
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Bread Story

Keith Cooper
The bread was great.  Crust that would cut your gums, and an inside that was moist and chewy!  The only thing lacking was how to modify this bread so that it wasn’t just the plain bread explained on The Baker’s tutorial.  The answer?  Beautiful Day’s muesli!  When you put some muesli into the dough you get delights of nuts, fruits, and the nuttiness of oats.
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Introducing Super Originola Muesli

Keith Cooper 2 comments
We've wanted to do a low oil/low sugar product for a long time.  Our fans, including some on our staff team who are avoiding sugar, have been asking for it. And as much as I like granola, I eat it as more of a treat. I usually gravitate towards an obscenely large bowl of raw oats in the morning as if I'm a horse and strapping on a feed bag. Sometimes I won't need to eat for the rest of the day.
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