Spring is early in the air

And so, of course, is love renewed

With Chocolate Cherry 'nola fair

Returned with lovely kirsch imbued*.

Hot from the pans that soft sweet smells

Make drift throughout the neighborhood.

Hastening quick to kiss your lips

And 'long the way to do some good.

Flax, sunflower, barley, walnut, germ,**

Join honey sweet and almond new

To ship out 'ere where you decree

And find your lovely sweetheart true.

*I would have liked to have written "embued," only this is the past form of "embus" which means to put soldiers on a bus. I suppose this could be appropriate if granola were traveling a long ways on a bus, but we use priority mail.

**wheat, that is.

Ah. Okay. Well. I did once publish a poem in my high school paper. I think it sounded just about like that. In fact, I think it was about granola too. Now if someone could just put it to music, that might do the trick. Maybe Celine Dion will help us out. Does anyone know Celine?

But to put that in plain English, we made our first batch of Cherry Chocolate granola last night. Most of the month-club subscriptions went out today and I intend to post it on our online store before I go to bed. We decided to go all out and cut the raisins this year and double the cherries. Other than that it's the same as last year's recipe complete with Ghirardelli chocolate, morsels of candied orange rind, and a nice big kiss of Swiss kirsch.


For you lovers out there, I'll soon be posting a little Valentines special which matches a bag of Cherry Chocolate with a limited run Valentine's edition of Bourbon Pecan. You can order this alone or with a t-shirt. Both recipes contain chocolate and, I admit, veer dangerously close to dessert for healthy breakfast food. Hey, it's Valentine's day. Feel free to include a gift message or poem and Zaid, our shipping manager, will get his practice writing English.

Bringing back a granola we just retired a couple months ago is a first for us, but it just seems like the right thing to do. These are two of most extravagant granolas ever, and a nice way to say, I love you.

Be advised that we will not make the Bourbon granola until next week so packages will ship out on the 8th or 9th.

Cherry Chocolate: Oats (org), honey (pesticide-free, Aquidneckhoney), cherries (w/ sugar, sunflower oil), canola oil (exp pressed), granulated cane juice, coconut (org), sesame (org), barley (org), cranberries (w/ sugar, safflower oil), almonds, oat bran (org), pecans, wheat germ, sunflower seeds (org), flax seeds (org), walnuts, Ghiredelli chocolate, glazed orange peel (sulphured), oat fiber, kirsch, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, almond extract.

Bourbon Pecan oats (org), honey (pesticide-free from Aquidneckhoney), cranberries (cranberries, sugar, safflower oil), granulated cane juice, canola oil (org), coconut (org), sesame seeds (org), spelt (org), raisins, pecans, almonds, oat bran (org), wheat germ, sunflower seeds (org), flax seeds (org), walnuts, Ghirardelli chocolate (chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin), bourbon (Wild Turkey), coconut oil (extra virgin), oat fiber, sea salt, cinnamon, almond ext., vanilla, nutmeg.


Written by Keith and Geoff

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