Hi everyone,

We’ve been silent for a couple weeks… but here’s our big news: this morning we finally launched our new website at

So please come visit. Scout around. Learn more about our mission and the refugees who work with us. Find out where you can buy granola. Check out the pictures, blog archives, and links to interesting places. Read some very nice articles written about us. See if you can find our brand spanking new Ginger Zinger label (thank you Becky Joy). Follow us on Twitter if you’re so inclined; sign up to be on our email list (if you’re not already). So much to do, so little time.

This site, I'm proud to say, is not just a template into which we plugged our information. With Geoff’s help I’ve been designing it over the last few weeks; so the html and css code was written by my fingers. If you know me and my phobias of code you will be impressed. The color scheme, you’ll notice, was chosen to integrate with our blog.

It does have a few areas under construction (including a place to interact via Twitter and Facebook), but the essential components are there—at least the bare bones, and hopefully a good sense of what we are all about. Some day we’ll have a fancy-schmancy slide show like everybody else. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them. We've yet to work on all the compatibility issues. (Though the screen shot's from iphone, the menus don't yet work there).

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up some Amaretto Pear. Our first batch sold out a week ago. We made the second using unsulfured pears, which may not stand out as well (they have a darker color) and are not quite as soft, but, wow do they have a terrific pear taste. I saved a few. I can’t stop eating them. I love them. I even soaked them in a little amaretto liquor to help keep them soft. I think I need one now as a small reward.

A big thanks to all who helped on the site, especially: Dr. Michael Hayden who taught a class in web design I took at RIC, Tim G who helped us launch, update domains, and retrieve our granola store when it got lost in cyberspace, my cyber-savvy kids with their (a bit too) raucous laughter at some of my aesthetic choices, my wife for bearing with me staying up half the nights and being grouchy in the mornings, days on end, Seven Stars Bakery (whose website we love because it's simple and tells stories—and don’t worry, we stole nothing—just some inspiration which we hope is a form of flattery), and Sophie who took up residence in my armchair and kept me in my computer chair (ah, the joys of working from home).

You can thank yourself (in advance), for us, for visiting.




Written by Keith and Geoff

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