Hands-on job readiness program

Our program is for adults aged 18 to 65 and beyond. Participants work up to 300 hours in our kitchen, earning $13 per hour plus bonuses. English lessons are woven into kitchen tasks for practical learning.

Participants gain work experience, job skills, and American work culture exposure while making products. Graduates get certificates, evaluations, resumes, and references, with 70% finding permanent jobs in 2022.

Our Referral Partners

We team up with refugee service groups like Refugee Dream Center, Women’s Refugee Care, and Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island (DIIRI). We also consider referrals from former trainees and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our participants

Our program assists older adults, refugees, and asylum seekers facing work challenges due to language, skills, or age. A case manager and mentors guide participants with service plans and job connections for long-term success.

impact to date

To date, we’ve worked with nearly 120 refugees representing 14 nationalities and 20 ethnicities, including many with no first-language literacy. We offer training for both refugee adults and youth at multiple levels, though our priority is those facing the most significant job-entry barriers.

Almost all of our staff are themselves former refugees who understand the challenges. Over 70% of our graduates move on to permanent jobs, providing for their families, contributing to the economy and enriching their communities with their determination and resilience.

youth program

Empowering Youth through Practical Learning

Our youth program blends weekly 3-hour Job Readiness workshops with hands-on internships, cultivating essential workplace skills. These internships happen at our kitchen, markets, or partner businesses like 7 Stars Bakery and Urban Greens. Now in its fourth year, the program supports 20 youth aged 15 to 18, providing invaluable experience over 9 months.

Scholarships, Mentoring, and More

Beyond training, we provide scholarships for college or training, mentorship with outings, and practical case management. Mentor-mentee relationships develop personal agency and social capital, preparing participants for independence. Field trips and workshops enrich the experience, nurturing critical thinking and communication.