Yes, we are definitely open for business!

This is thanks to so many of you who went out of your way to get behind us through this crisis, which has been so difficult for everyone in local food and refugee resettlement. You kept buying our granolas, bars and coffee. Some of you ordered a huge number of gifts to encourage and thank first responders. You adjusted to changes at markets and grocery stores. A decrease in farmers' market sales were offset by growth in online sales. You provided ways for us to celebrate and offer support to staff through difficulties.

Because of this we're actually growing and very grateful.

We’ve adjusted to a new temporary kitchen (in the Knead Donut space at 32 Custom House Street) in downtown Providence. Since June we've been fully stocked. We even followed through on the launch of a new coffee (from the Democratic Republic of Congo) and are preparing to launch our new Super Muesli "All the flavor, Not the Sugar" for the holidays.

One huge goal through this crisis was to keep our team together. Given the upheaveal in hospitality and service that particularly impacted refugee communities we were nervous. At times employees were paid out of a crisis benefit that we set up and funded, in part, through the generosity of our fans. We also received funding through the federal stimulus Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the RI Foundation/United Way and others that helped us weather the crisis. We are still assisting some of our staff as the crisis continues.

We've introduced rigorous safety measures to keep our staff, their families and customers safe. This includes masks, temperature checks, ventilation, careful record keeping, use of translators and still-developing protocols for social distancing while driving trainees home. Of course there have been Covid cases in refugee communities including (early in the crisis) Beautiful Day, but we have no known cases of transmission because of Beautiful Day.

Shipping staff have been trained to ensure products are safe to handle out of the box.

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