Meet Hayle
At 16, Hayle is the youngest in our new cohort of youth trainees. He arrived in the US from Ethiopia when he was 2, so all his childhood memories are from right here. Still history and culture are important to him and he continues to learn Kunama, an ancient indigenous language of Eritrea.
Hayle’s energy reaches straight through a computer screen—a mixture of respect, kindness, and eagerness to understand this moment in history. He’s been learning about civil rights and black history in school. Despite his own family’s long journey to “The Land of the Free,” they have encountered police brutality and a fight for equality that they did not expect. At times they would like to return to Ethiopia.
But Hayle sees Providence as home. He wants to stay and make a difference and help others. He is a sophomore at Blackstone Academy. He loves basketball and
plans to go to college. He’s pleased that Beautiful Day is already helping him with communication skills and he hopes to make his family proud.
Written by Beautiful Day

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