Dear granola friends,

No doubt some of you have noticed a fade in communication. That’s a euphemism for sudden stop. We apologize.

We have been making granola. We sold out of Mochaccino Hazelnut (which Evon proclaimed our best ever). Our month club members should have already received our Pina Colola which is made with low sugar/no sulfur pineapple, large flake coconut, Brazil nuts, and a boozy hint of rum. We even made limited editions of Mochaccino Muesli and Pina Colola Muesli and Ginger Muesli which are available by request (just order the recipe of the month muesli and tell us in the note what kind you prefer). And thanks to a good deal we found on organic oil and organic raisins, our Originola will be healthier than ever as long as supplies last.

We’re also pleased to announce two new employees (Fatu and Christopher) who joined us when Men Tu and Kyaw Hlaing, the two Burmese men who were with us for several months, started full time jobs in May. They are all doing well. And we’re thrilled that our manager, Evon, is now moving forward with driving lessons. I've already started calling her Queen of the Road.

But alas, busy we were. Our day jobs did their best to swallow us whole. Why is May always so crazy? Plus we’ve had to pull back a bit in order to overhaul our frustrating ordering system. Bear with us.

Our big news right now is that for the next couple weeks I (Keith) will be away on vacation. I’ve sent out all the orders I’ve received up until today, but please note that starting today no more orders will go out until around July 17th. This includes both single orders and granola of the month shipments. We hate to deprive anyone of granola even for a day, but believe me this is all for the best. The ordering system is working fine, so keep on using it to order your Pina Colola, but don’t despair when it doesn’t arrive right away.

We’d also like to request that anyone making orders (aside from restaurants and hotels who use another system) do it through the online ordering system. It’s been a challenge to keep on top of special requests and phone or email orders, so in order to minimize errors, please order through the website.

Thanks again for loving our mission and our granola. Vacations always seems to go by in a flash. We’ll be back to blogging and sending out orders soon enough.

Keith (and Geoff)

Written by Keith and Geoff

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