A Note from the Chef: When you’re in the business of taking (or being taken by) granola where it’s never been before, May's recipe is an opportunity not to be missed. Try following this thought process: Spring, May, garden, dirt, molasses, figs… We’ve been envisioning figs for a while, but when our supplier discontinued the pineapple we’d planned on for this month, our R&D department (i.e. me) jumped into high gear.

I decided on unsulphured mission figs. Molasses and a glug of cognac were a given. Poppy seeds practically begged for the chance to impersonate the sweet crunch of fig guts—plus they’re great for you. The darker French roast, hint of salted caramel, and tang of balsamic vinegar followed from tasting our first prototype taste tests. I thought it might be interesting to, just ever so slightly, soften the crunch.

I was aiming for a granola that could hold its own with either a late night pint of stout or a bowl of milk. Considering that we have no Virgil to guide us along this untraveled road toward granola paradise (believe it or not, Amazon.com has no offerings on the science of granola or even a cookbook devoted to the subject. There is one on PUG or Personalized Unleavened Granola breads by Tony T, with quite possibly the most unappetizing (apparently these breads can be made in a microwave oven) cover in cookbook history. I suppose it should be comforting to know that there are certain directions that even we will not go.) I believe this one is quite successful. I never doubted it would go well with stout. The big surprise is how good it is in a bowl of plain yogurt or soymilk.

Our biggest challenge was the name. There were just too many good options. For a recipe exploring the mysterious unity of mission (fig) and healthy living (not to mention spiritual exercise) "Fignatious" was a good candidate. Retro seemed like the right direction, although we opted for decades rather than centuries. Two names for our two sizes: "Figgy Pop" is making its debut in Go Packs (available at Blue State Coffee), while "Sweet Sassy Fig and Molassey" (anyone remember this reference?) will soon be on the way to granola of the month club members.

It’s here, it’s now, and while supplies last, yours for the ordering.

Ingredients: oats (org), kamut (org), Sucanat (minimally processed cane sugar), honey, canola oil (expeller pressed), raisins, mission figs, sesame seeds (org), sunflower seeds (org), wheat germ, oat bran (org), walnuts, almonds, coconut (org), pecan meal, flax seeds (org), molasses (org fair trade), poppy seeds, black sesame seeds, oat fiber, balsamic vinegar (org), cognac, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg, almond extract.
Written by Keith and Geoff

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