It was with some trepidation that we set out to show our softer side this month. Not that we mind the little jokes about the jaw-challenging properties of our granola—but still, that big-cluster crunch has become a part of our signature. Nevertheless, with dew points soaring, we’re taking the risk and doing our part to keep you from breaking an unnecessary sweat. Please let us know what you think.

This recipe is a labor of love containing cardamom (pan-toasted, hand peeled and crushed in a mortar), rose water, organic dates, and pistachios. A huge thanks to Evon Nano (one of our first employees, see earlier entry) who not only collaborated with me in inventing the recipe but has even returned to us during the week (she still works at the CAV on weekends) to take on some of the operations. And a special thanks to my poor children who, when our supplier unexpectedly ran out of pistachio meats, were corralled into helping me shell pistachios by hand.

I’m not really the bragging sort, but I confess, as the co-owner of Providence’s Best Granola I love this recipe—it’s fragrant, rich, surprising, mellow, with just a hint of the sadness I usually feel in summer knowing that summer can’t last forever. It’s also a very limited edition—we’re not selling Go Packs or bulk and we're making only enough to cover our month-club and internet orders. Due to scheduling complications we made a batch last night and those of you who usually receive your orders early in the month can start checking your mailboxes by this weekend. The rest will come around the 3rd week of August. Please keep in mind that it’s hot out and since our granola is all natural, it will stay freshest in your fridge or freezer.

Ingredients: oats (org), barley (org), Sucanat (minimally processed cane sugar), honey (native RI), canola oil (expeller pressed), dates (org), Craisins, raisins, sesame seeds (org), sunflower seeds (org), wheat germ, oat bran (org), almonds, pecans and/or walnuts, pistachios, coconut (org), pecan meal, flax seeds (org), oat fiber, vanilla, sea salt, orange peel, cardamom, rose water, pistachio extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond extract.

One last thing: we’re delighted to report that another one of our employees (Man Tiwari, pictured in earlier entry—who arrived knowing no English in April from Bhutan) is now working full-time at a local linen supply. Can you believe that! We’re impressed and proud of her.

Written by Keith and Geoff

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